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Since 1998, with a solid reputation and core competency in central propane gas systems, HBH Gas Systems offers propane suppliers and retailers the opportunity to own and operate community propane systems for residential and commercial developments where natural gas is not available. By installing one central propane tank for an entire development and installing underground mains to each lot, propane marketers can market and provide metered central gas for their customers.

Harris Baker

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Harris Baker has worked with LP, LPG and LNG for Distributed and Back-Up Generation, energy solutions for GreenField and Brownfield development, Gens and other applications for migration to well-head gas, AutoGas, Central Community Gas Systems, Gas Distribution, and Alternative Energy platforms for over 40 years. As a 20-year developer and home building veteran, he has managed in excess of $750 million in aggregate development, utility, residential and commercial projects. He has been involved in the construction of more than 20,000 homes, retail and commercial facilities and the development of a variety of subdivision concepts.

Experienced in crude oil, natural gas, LPG, LP, LNG, alternative fuels and propane autogas solutions and consulting for energy needs, fleets to consult/equip/support, bulk fuel supplies and establishing re-sellers, proof of concept on flares/water treatment and other innovations, propane-fueled stationary engines displacing diesel and migrating to methane, critical-mission off-grid energy supplies and never-fail logistics, propane mowers, high-efficiency power and energy solutions

Specialties: LP, LPG, Midstream, LDS, LNG, CHP, Pipeline, Crude oil, NGL's, Refined Products, AutoGas, Strategic Logistic Execution and Embedding Propane and Refined fuels, Generators & Stationary Engines for Distributed Generation, Prime & Back-Up, Distribution Systems, Alt. Motor Fuels, - Consulting, Design, Construction, Operations, OME, Compliance, Financing. Mr. Baker works with Fleets, Developers and Governments to establish networks (LDC's) alt- fueling conversion & infrastructure. Expertise in providing private and public fleet-fueling and energy consulting and implementation on both mono & bi-fuel and OEM platforms.

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Mark Baresel
Sr Vice President

Mark Baresel brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to HBH Gas Systems. His career spans over 15 years in both the propane and natural gas industries with a heavy focus on the installation and maintenance of gas systems in addition to data management and project management.

Mark has been engaged in a number of projects throughout his career. He was instrumental in managing the main replacement program for Peoples Gas in Chicago which encompassed over 100 sq miles of replacement of steel to polly and running new gas system to Wrigley Field.  While in Texas he managed 31 Community Propane Gas Systems in addition to assisting with the development and installation of 10 new systems while with Alliant Gas. 

Mr. Baresel's experience in installing and maintaining gas systems coupled with his knowledge of construction has allowed him the ability to manage projects under budget making it cost effective for both developer as well as the gas provider.



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