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Central Propane Distribution Systems

Central Propane Distribution Systems, also called Central Gas Systems or Community Propane Gas Systems,

● Provide underground metered gas that’s billed & serviced just like natural gas

● Typically serve developments without access to natural gas

● Fuel residential communities, resorts, commercial and industrial parks, and many other types of developments


Because these developments do not have access to natural gas - typically because of financial or logistical constraints - developers must choose between building their community all-electric, utilizing individual propane tanks, or implementing a Central Gas System.


Building all electric is increasingly known to be an inferior option, not only because homeowners prefer dual fuels, but also because all-electric homes have higher utility bills. Notably, all-electric homes are powered by our inefficient and carbon-heavy electric grid. Of the other two options, many developers recognize that individual tanks are unsightly and inefficient to service and fill.


Central Gas Systems use a large tank that is serviced periodically. This tank feeds an underground distribution system that is metered individually at each home. Homeowner pay only for what they use, and they’re billed monthly just like any other utility.

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